Top 10 absurd details often appear in the game

But the gamers are used to it and feel that the illogical logic is too ... normal. With the rapid development of technology, game develope...

But the gamers are used to it and feel that the illogical logic is too ... normal.
With the rapid development of technology, game developers have tried to improve their mental children year by year, trying to refine it in more detail, more realistic.

However, despite the beautiful graphics, how wide the environment in the game, how gamers can interact, there are still small details that until now the publisher has not been able to do it right.
Partly it is for the reason that the game becomes more interesting, more attractive instead of doing the same as in real life, it will be very tedious.

The following is a list of 10 absurd details in the game that the developer knows wrong but still does.

Wearing an arrow on your back is really not convenient

We often think of the archer image with the bow handle and the arrow on the back. Anyway, for centuries this is what we often see in movies and in games.

However, the truth is that the arrow is often worn at the hip rather than on the back like in the game Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves or Skyrim.

Despite the fact that there are still archers like that, wearing hip-names is still more typical - especially in the Middle Ages of Europe. The reason is because wearing there is more practical and convenient when fighting.

Even Kingdom Come Deliverance, a chest-popping game claiming to accurately reflect the history of the Bohemia period in the 15th century, suffers from this error.

Silencer does not silence your gun

If you've ever played through the stealth action game series like Metal Gear, Splinter Cell, Hitman. Then you will know that by attaching a silencer to the gun and pulling the trigger, no ghost will be able to hear

Although this feature is quite interesting in the game, but in fact, it does not help your gun "shut up" as you see in the game (or in the movie).

It did help to make the gunshot sound smaller, but not as small as "pew pew" like the humming of mosquitoes in the game. It still sounded like a gunshot, and the enemy standing nearby could hear it.

At the same time, mounting the silencer does not cause any harm to the gun's specifications, namely the range and damage will not be affected at all. But in the game it reduces those parameters. The goal of the game developer is to make the gun more balanced, reducing "imba / OP" when it comes to multiplayer. If mounted on silencer, it sounded small and not emitting a bullet, it was not shown on the minimap, and it did not reduce the index ... the houses were used already.

However, it must be admitted that using silencer in the game is still very fun.

Drive without a seatbelt

Open world games are getting more and more ... open, and so developers have to add transport to help gamers move more quickly. In addition to allowing gamers to teleport to fixed locations, developers have other interesting ways. For example, for gamers driving around for example.

Whether it's Grand Theft Auto, Mafia, or science fiction like Crackdown. Driving is an essential part of the game.
However, although this is a mechanism very close to real life, for some reason, in the game developers do not force players to wear seat belts when driving.

Agree that pressing one more button to fasten the seatbelt every time you ride in the car sounds quite annoying and boring, but at least there should be this mechanism in the game.
On the other hand, GTA V also allows you to pull down the convertible, there's no reason to remove the seatbelt feature.

If the player chooses a safe option, ties every time he drives, it has the ability to save the character's life in the game whenever a collision occurs. But also have to recognize the image of the character in the game flying through the windshield of the car is very funny and funny.

The hiding place is not as durable as you think

When playing shooters like Call of Duty, CS: GO, Battlefield, Gears of War. There will be many times you have to know how to combine cover & shoot, not be able to run in the middle of the road and hold a full-blown gun like Rambo.
Usually those hiding places will be behind walls, tables, cupboards, cars, etc. However, in real life, those hiding places don't protect you much.

Outer guns are practically very powerful. Depending on the type of gun and the type of bullet, it can shoot through many different surfaces. Therefore, a car made of aluminum alloy, for example, may not necessarily protect your life, except the front end. And because even the car is not sure to protect you, the table, the cupboard. Furniture in general is even more impossible.

Some games still have places where they can be destroyed, but that alone cannot be called "realistic".

Characters cannot be "punctured".

Being "set the table" even though only a few tablespoons were eaten

For a long time, food in the game has played a role to help the character regain health, recover the body.
However, eating can not help the bullets splash out of you, just as you can not eat a whole cheesecake with just one bite.

In addition, the game also has another irrational factor that food often disappears suddenly.
For example, the casserole pot in Red Dead Redemption 2, you can scoop a few tablespoons and then the food pot will automatically disappear. The same is true for the drinks in the game, as soon as the animation drinks the water, the cup runs out of water, though it only swallows 1-2 sips.

Agree that designing effects for food to disappear slowly is very laborious, but the fact that it naturally disappears is a bit ... weird.

The building survives before all types of bombs

The bigger the game, the more complex it is. However, it has its limitations, even though this limit is quite illogical in the case of a game.

For example, in Grand Theft Auto, gunfights and explosions will cause chaotic traffic, lampposts, or pedestrians, but the glass doors and buildings are still inert.
Even when the car crashed into the glass door, the glass door did not break and the car broke down again. Similarly, you don't know which objects will stop your vehicle, which you can calmly over.

The reason that game developers do so is because designing objects in the game to be destroyed is very time consuming and costly, laborious.
That's not to mention the case that gamers can level the map, something the game developer almost doesn't want to happen.

Cars run without gasoline

If driving in real life is the same as in the game, everything is quite easy, because you will never need to refuel.

With the exception of games like Days Gone, Mad Max, or Mafia II, you can climb on cars, planes, or boats and surf thousands of kilometers without refueling.
But also have to admit that if you are driving on a mission but unfortunately run out of gas, and the surrounding is not empty, then you have only two options: push the car to the nearest gas station, or wade. set to where you need it.

In addition, there is another wrong element in the game that shooting the car's fuel tank does not make it explode. You need to have a special ammunition to create a spark when hit, then it explodes.

The audience just froze like a body without a soul

The key point of the sports game is to recreate the scene of the game in the most realistic way. No matter how much the game has additional tactics, squads, play styles, physical simulations, recreating the atmosphere in the game is often never exactly as it is.

While the comments and the cheering sound in the game have improved significantly over the years, the audience in the game keeps an expressionless expression as in the beginning. Even the animation of characters (animation) is not realistic at all. The same group of characters danced over and over again, or the other group kept looking out into the distance, generally looking very depressed.

In terms of game design, the rendering of tens of thousands of people on the screen will need to be calculated a lot, sometimes making the PC of a gamer cry. Therefore, game developers do so is also a sympathetic thing, otherwise you probably need a high-end computer to be able to play FIFA or PES.

The bullets have to hit the target first and then the sound comes later

When you fire a shot in the game, when the bullet hits the target, you will hear a "pop" at the same time it hits the target. However, in reality, things will be different. Because the sound is not instantaneous and has a speed of about 343.3m / s, you will not hear the sound at the same time as it stabs the target.

For example, the target is 350m away from you when you hit, after about 1s more you will hear the sound of the bullet. The same goes for the enemy, if your bullet flies faster than the speed of sound, after it hits him, he can hear your gunshot. This is more evident when you project radiation at a greater distance.

A good example of this is the fact that when you watch the fireworks, if you notice, you will see the firecrackers first, after that, a few "bup" sounds come later. The reason it is different in the game is because of the sound. The bar is often referred to as a form of "feedback" that helps you recognize that you have interacted with the game.

In other words, hearing the gunshot when you press the "shoot" button will help you know that the bullet has left the barrel, helping you focus more on the game. But if you see the bullet hit the target, but a few seconds later to hear the sound of the bullet, it was very wrong. Or as gamers call it "lag". Moreover, we often think that events will happen like this so if the game developer made a difference, maybe the gamers would immediately reflect.

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High Tech Brain: Top 10 absurd details often appear in the game
Top 10 absurd details often appear in the game
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