From a biological perspective, zombies absolutely cannot exist

The first is that you need to have the most basic things to make sure you can survive from day to day. Such as: water, food, medicine, even...

The first is that you need to have the most basic things to make sure you can survive from day to day. Such as: water, food, medicine, even weapons. The more weapons the better.
The next step is to run away from densely populated areas. Because the more people there are, the more desperate the zombies are to do everything they can to live. The third step is to look for a shelter to protect you from the walking corpses and waiting to eat ... brains.

The "zombie" people in the world can name a lot of reasons that make a person become a zombie when he dies. This could be due to a virus, a chemical, or pollution to the brain area of the dead. It makes the instinctive area like eating active while other areas of the brain still die. The name zombie can be derived from western India like the word jumbie means Kongo "devil" or "nzambi", it means "soul of a dead person".

Do zombies exist?

The existence of zombies is widely spread through legendary stories. Over the past few decades, it has been woven by the media to make them the main characters in films or commercials. So far, the number of hypotheses about zombies has been plentiful, but there hasn't really been a definitive answer as to why and how these monstrosity could exist. Some argue that they are made by a virus that causes the human body to change, others claim that they are the result of radiation exposure due to parasitic fungal infection. Even, many people claim that it is the magic curse that has revived the undead from a certain world.

In the famous movie The Night of the Living Dead was released in 1968. The images of the corpses were perfectly and precisely simulated, they were called demons. However, because there were still some features completely different from the actual demons, they were called "corpses". The walking corpses slowly but constantly moving towards humans with tremendous patience and numbers.

Zombies are inspiration for filmmakers

A "modern-day" zombie, such as in the movie Wolrd War Z that was released in 2013, it can move very fast and is quite intelligent.

Zombie is really a paradox that goes against the rules of physics. They are not dead, even capable of moving around as if they were alive. They are cold and lifeless but can somehow dig into the victims' skulls to eat their brains. Their bodies are rotting but can go down the street and chase any human appearing on either side of the road.

Despite all the legends or images of zombies as true in the movie blockbuster. The opinion of human biology (Human Biology) asserts that zombies cannot exist. Here are 10 evidence against the views of the "believers" that one day zombies will "rise".

Impact of temperature and humidity
Have you ever been in Atlanta in August? The word "stuffy" is not enough to describe the suffering of suffering from a harsh climate when the temperature is up to 3 digits and the humidity is even higher than in a greenhouse. North Dakota in January was no different from hell when the temperature was so low that it could freeze living tissue for a few minutes and destroy anything that was placed outdoors without cover.

Zombies do not survive in conditions of high temperature and humidity

In short, such prolonged weather conditions will destroy zombies in many ways. High temperature and humidity accelerate the decomposition of decayed parts, by providing perfect conditions for the growth of insects and bacteria. Those are the factors that can break down anything with their enzymes. The hot, dry climate of the desert can make zombies dry like husks for a few hours.

Cold weather will also make the bones of zombies become more brittle and brittle a lot. Even small or tripping attacks can cause their skeletal system to be completely destroyed.

Not to mention the decline caused by solar ultraviolet rays, strong winds, thunderstorms, sleet or blizzards. Certainly, all of these bad weather phenomena are probably the reason why zombies (in movies and legends) prefer to dwell in relatively safe areas such as basements, caves and prisons. abandoned.

Going against the theory of motion
We are all structural creatures. The movement is formed by the connection between muscles, tendons, skeletal elements and more. When part of this system does not work, we will not be able to move. This poses a tough challenge: too many modern-day zombies have the ability to move perfectly even when their bones are about to leave the body and the flesh is dangling.

Zombies can't move without a brain

And of course, all zombies loitering around an area (sometimes with tremendous speed) also seem to be unable to exist a real physical mechanism. It causes their body to rot, muscles are cut and bones broken. This is true even before you know that they have no brain.

The human central nervous system controls all our muscular activity by: transmitting electrical signals from the brain to the muscle cells that cause them to twitch in response to "requests". of gray matter. Many zombies have very severe head wounds that make their brains completely lose function, making the hypothesis of the forward movements of the corpses even more unreasonable.

The immune system does not exist
Viruses, bacteria, fungi and other microscopic parasites have invaded the human body early on, making our lives miserable and short-lived. However, it was not until the 1800s that scientists discovered microscopic invasive organisms such as smallpox virus and HIV. It is considered the most dangerous enemies for our bodies.

Zombie loses immunity

The human immune system - a function that can be compromised by the appearance of white blood cells will prevent the risk of infection and keep us alive for at least a certain amount of time. . Therefore, people with weakened immune systems are more likely to face many problems.

This is exactly what the zombies face because they don't have the immune system. With decaying bodies, zombies are the perfect place for bacteria, fungi and viruses to breed in enormous numbers. This can cause the undead to be destroyed from the inside out and because they are zombies, it could be a good thing for humans (if zombies are real).

Metabolic activity is disabled
Humans eat food to convert them into energy for all activities that take place daily, from breathing to childbirth. That is the role of metabolism. Metabolism is a broad term that encompasses all the chemical reactions that take place in our bodies.

In theory, zombies eat their brains because they also need to be nourished to extend their ability to function. There is only one problem - zombies don't really live. As members of an "undead" society, their bodies do not have metabolic processes.

How will zombies convert brain into energy?

The nutrients that humans absorb begin to break down the moment we chew on a slice of pizza or custard. The stomach then takes on the next task - converting these nutrients into calories so we can survive.

Meanwhile, zombies do not have any metabolic activity. Even if they can magically exploit energy to chew "delicious" brains. Their stomachs (even if they have a stomach) cannot provide a chemical process to convert nutrients into energy.

Attacked by predators
They are hyenas, wolves, bears, coyotes (wolves), foxes and all other wandering wildlife. When the post-apocalyptic period (thought to be the time of the Earth's apocalypse) appears, you will begin to fear these predators even if you are a zombie. They are very fast, fierce and when attacking healthy people become more and more aggressive.

Zombies will also be attacked by predators

So how will these animals react to zombies? In an ecosystem torn apart by the chaos of undead, hunger is undoubtedly a challenge not only for humans but also for animals. And like humans, these animals will do whatever it takes to survive, even if it means gnawing on the remains of their species.

The attack not only stop at the top predators. Even small species like mice, raccoons and marsupials "happily" nibble at "not really dead" creatures if given the chance. For example, a zombie monster is lying in a mud pit waiting for a tragic ending.

Lack of senses
Seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting are all essential elements for our existence. Without these five senses, humans will wander indefinitely on Earth and only for a very short time. We will eat poisonous plants, crash into the door frames and no doubt someone walks on the coffee table!

Zombies do not have the necessary senses

Because zombies' bodies have rotted, it is difficult for them to perform the correct tricks in searching for "delicious" brains. At the start of the decomposition, the soft tissue of the eye will be one of the first cells to be destroyed, causing the zombie to become blind and begin to pounce on any less fortunate they encounter.

The eardrum of the zombie will be broken and that is the rest of the auditory system. Deaf and blind, zombies must "seek help" to smell and at this point, they can only smell the stink emanating from their organs.

That means zombies will need to feel the world on their own. In general, a very small number of victims may be, but with humans still full of functions, it is completely possible to avoid the attack of corpses in most situations.

There is no basis for the bite
Nature has formed some very "smart" and terrible ways to spread germs. Measles, for example, is spread when coughing and sneezing. It is a disease that spreads so quickly that the possibility that up to 90% of those who come into contact with an infected person will also become infected (source: CDC). This is also a very quiet virus because they can live outside the body for about 2 hours. It "wanders" through the air just to wait for an unlucky person to breathe in and begin the development process in the host's body.

A common theory is that "anyone who gets bitten will quickly become a zombie". However, this is not possible because zombies do not have the ability to do so.

Zombie does not have enough time and energy to create the bite

First, (somehow) zombies will have to pounce on you long enough to begin making a bite. However, it will be very difficult if the zombie loses an arm or a leg and you fall into a state of panic (at this point, you will constantly struggle to make the bite harder to make). Secondly, the act of biting takes quite a bit of time and energy. Those were the two things that undead - rotting monsters didn't have. Third, biting requires physical contact close to the victim. Zombies with cold bodies and slow movement will be difficult to pressure any other living (with hot blood). Not to mention the "lag" that zombies create enough for you to recognize and start being wary of it.

"Hard-to-heal wounds"
Before antibiotics were born, simple cuts and cuts were dangerous even for those who were confident "strong like horses". The cuts allow dirt and germs to penetrate the internal organs. But with proper hygiene, including hand washing and wound washing, in the end, most injuries are recovered although it will take time and can lead to long-term side effects.

While humans have tissues that can regenerate and heal wounds, zombies do not. Their wounds, whether severe or mild, are permanent. Imagine if you were cut by something and had terrible pain but could not heal, being spread wider and deeper day by day. When the meat continues to tear open, exposing the bones and eventually the meat will rot, even fall to the ground. How long will you survive?

Zombies cannot defecate
Your stomach is a muscle bag capable of holding about 1.5 liters of liquid and solid. Those who regularly eat a lot are likely to make this "stockpile" tense and those who eat a moderate diet may shrink their stomachs a little.

Zombies are considered to be the most terrible "predators" in the monster world when they can swallow all the brains of the brains they see at any time.

Because zombies don't have all the functions of the body, they have gaps in the digestive system somewhere between the mouth and anus. These holes make it impossible for them to benefit from eating any brains.

Of course, because there are so few organs in the body working zombies, the brain that they eat will fall to an area. As zombies eat more and more brains, these indigestible messes will start to ferment, bubble and eventually explode in their stomachs.

Teeth ineffective
Enamel is the hardest substance in our body. This hard shell protects your teeth from abrasion when chewing food and if good oral care, enamel will hold for a long time. Conversely, if you drink too much sugary water or skip your dental care, you may experience symptoms like tooth decay, receding gums and a host of other serious problems.

Zombies don't brush their teeth twice a day, even if they have teeth! Because the zombie's gums are rotten, the enamel is cracked and fades away, the protrusions on the teeth become pits and stains, which then come off, causing them to bite you in despair.

However, the zombie's teeth are probably the last part to be broken. Even if their teeth are broken, zombies can still turn them into a formidable weapon if you carelessly stepped on (in movies).

On a more positive side, you'll probably never have to flee your whole life to evade the chases of the undead - the monster constantly circling around you and your family, stroking your face and trying. Try to eat your brain. That also means you never have a chance to turn a zombie survival plan into action. Either way, zombies absolutely cannot physically exist. There is no magic that can make them a real threat to humans.

Those who love the image of zombies often have a very "visionary" about life if the Earth one day ends at the end of the world. They give up office work and hobbies like burning campfires in the forest, shooting guns, playing baseball ...
Like everyone else, I wondered what I would look like when the world ends. After a few weeks of thinking, I realized that although I would have to move to a faraway place and always be frightened by the appearance of gunfights. But the cause is actually not due to zombies - it's the shortage of medicines, gasoline and clean water. Maybe we should let zombies return to the "underground" - where they really belong.

A zombie temporarily translated as a zombie or a corpse, is a corpse revived by mysterious methods, such as magic. The word is often used figuratively to show that the person who is hypnotized loses both awareness and self-awareness but can still walk and react to the surrounding stimuli. Since the late 19th century, zombies have been particularly popular, especially in folklore of North America and Europe. In Hollywood cinema, zombies are mostly corpses or people who are still alive but infected or the virus is transformed into.

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High Tech Brain: From a biological perspective, zombies absolutely cannot exist
From a biological perspective, zombies absolutely cannot exist
High Tech Brain
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