Character biography: Who is Gaara?

Introduce the character Gaara (我 愛 羅) is a Sand Village ninja. He is the youngest of the Fourth Kazekage and Temari's younger brother ...

Introduce the character
Gaara (我 愛 羅) is a Sand Village ninja. He is the youngest of the Fourth Kazekage and Temari's younger brother and Kankuro. He was transformed into the One-Tailed Shukaku's subject before being born, causing the Sand Village people to fear him like monsters. Growing up in solitude and without being understood by anyone, Gaara stabbed the world with hatred and only knew himself, finding the reason for his existence when killing anyone who was in the way.

After losing to Uzumaki Naruto - also a subject like Gaara, but he gained strength from friendship - Gaara followed Naruto's example. As time passed, Gaara became the Fifth Kazekage to protect the village and resolve the fear he had caused to the people.

Characters' personalities
Gaara was a reserved and gentle child. Although most of the Sand Village residents are afraid and despise him, Gaara is still fine with the attention of Yashamaru and his mother. However, Rasa, his father, separated both of them from Gaara thinking that their kindness was restraining his development as a subject.

He ordered Yashamaru to kill Gaara and, if he failed, told Gaara that both he and his mother had never loved him. Rasa's plan was successful, because Gaara locked his heart after Yashamaru's death. He became selfish, only aware of his own wishes and safety.

In those dark years, Gaara, although outwardly, seemed indifferent, but was very unstable. He was indifferent to the pleas of others and at times was dominated by a rampage.

This action was due in part to Shukaku's instincts that always echoed in Gaara's ears. He instigated him whenever he could and tortured Gaara by threatening to control his body while he slept, causing Gaara to sleep from there.

However, the error does not entirely belong to Shukaku, Gaara himself also hates the existence of others, believing that as long as they live they will threaten his life. Gaara's goal is to kill all the strong people or individuals he feels like him, because only that way makes him more secure about his existence.

As for those who are not worthy of interest, Gaara will often retreat to a corner and keep quiet. Even if he had to interact with others, he was completely unconcerned about the feelings of the opposite person and often threatened to kill them, including his siblings, if they became too annoying.

Gaara's biography is very similar to Naruto's: both are the subjects of the beasts from birth, they are hated by the villagers and grow up without their parents' love. But while Gaara lost faith in others, Naruto continued to strive to be recognized by friends and villages and eventually succeeded.

While Gaara sought strength to protect himself, Naruto wanted to be stronger to protect the precious friends he had always been able to obtain. When Naruto defeated Gaara during the invasion of Leaf Village, Gaara saw this as evidence that he had made wrong choices before; that he surrendered to himself too easily.

From then on, Gaara began to follow Naruto, improving his relationship with his brothers, making friends in and out of Sand Village, and looking for something he was willing to give up to protect. His relationship with Shukaku has also improved somewhat. He admits he used to hate it, but thanks to Shukaku he met Naruto.

Gaara became the Sand Village Kazekage at the beginning of Part II. In her new role, Gaara is more sophisticated than most of her peers. He forgave the father who tried to assassinate himself because he was just trying to protect the village.

His new purpose of life was to devote himself to serving the Sand Village and the villagers. He hoped the Five Great Kages and hidden villages could advance to a beneficial multi-party cooperation, just like the good influence he had received from Naruto.

At first only Leaf Village was in favor of his opinion, but to the Fourth Ring War, the Five Great Kage was convinced by him, creating a stepping stone for the formation of the False Ring Alliance.

Gaara felt that he owed Naruto a great favor, thanks to Naruto, that he had changed a lot since the infamous "Sand Village Gaara". He considered Naruto as his best friend and believed that all the misfortune he had to go through was completely worth it, because he remembered that he had just met Naruto. He joined the Fourth War, not merely to stop Akatsuki, but also to protect Naruto.

Gaara often repeated his traumatic experiences until he met Naruto when he was in contact with Sasuke and the individuals were also weighed down by hatred and loneliness, hoping that the enemy could recognize it as well. their own wrong. He didn't always succeed in convincing others, but he could sympathize with their choice.

Character appearance
Gaara possessed white skin, green eyes and short golden brown hair. He had left his hair pointed for a long time, but when he grew up he brushed it into a bed-type.

Gaara has no pupils and eyebrows. There were dark circles around his eyes like a tanuki, according to Gamabunta, due to insomnia. To the left of Gaara's forehead, there is a self-carved engraving of the word (愛) that is visible after the sideburns are turned right. In Part II, many Sand Village women praised Gaara handsome.

In Part I, Gaara wore a round-necked, black-sleeved outfit; with a white cloth crossed from the right shoulder to the left hip. He wore a large leather belt from his left shoulder to his right hip to fix the sand pool and tie the forehead protection band on it.

In the first chapters of the manga, he was seen wearing countless earrings. Gaara's appearance didn't change much until Part I, but he changed his black suit into a red-brown, long-sleeved, closed-neck jumpsuit, with mesh armor on his wrists and ankles.

In Part II, Gaara wears a red long-sleeved jacket, long pants and black sandals. Outside his jacket, he was busy with two buckles, a jacket over his left shoulder fixed by a belt, and two other belts to fix the tank.

In some cases, he switched to the Kazekage's traditional costume and during the Fourth War, Gaara wore more of the Sand Village's bulletproof vests.

In The Last: Naruto the Movie, Gaara wears a long-sleeved shirt, many dark red buttons and pants of the same color. He was busy adding a brown belt and a small sandbag on the left. Gaara switched to wearing a long coat when he reached adulthood.

Strength and ability
Gaara was trained to become the "ultimate weapon" of the Sand Village so young. He easily killed countless assassins sent to assassinate him. As a genin, he was known to be able to complete all B level tasks.

He was also the record-maker who surpassed Tu Lam the fastest during the Chūnin examination without any scratches, which even the chūnin could hardly do.

In Part II, the other Kage were initially skeptical of Gaara's ability due to his young age, but they gradually admired him since the Fourth War, when Gaara acted as the Commander of the division divisions. merits of the Alliance of fake Rings.

The reincarnated Kage that Gaara fought, including his father, recognized Gaara's talent after being defeated by him. He had also been able to legally hold five of Madara's wood-covered stools for a long time.
Chakra & Physical Strength
Gaara has huge chakra reserves, a fact Akamaru realized before Gaara unleashed his moves. Part of the reason was that he was the subject of Shukaku, but even after losing Shukaku in Part II, his strength did not diminish.

In battle, Gaara often shunned opponents and rarely used magic. He realizes that this is a flaw in his anime and has trained more with Shira. In Boruto's novel: Naruto the Movie, utstsutsuki Kinshiki remarked on Gaara's jutsu on par with some of the top talent in the arts such as Naruto, Sasuke and Darui.
Gaara mastered the techniques related to Earth Padded, Padded and Stylish. Later he coordinated Feng to sand with the sand to increase the speed and scope of the attack.

In Hiden, Gaara has inherited the Blood-Blooded Limit from his father, but he avoids using it in battle but hides it as a secret method not to let the opponent know. You can use Paddle to increase the density of chakra and sand to increase your defense.

Control Sand
As a Sand Village subject, Gaara can control sand. He always kept a large amount of sand in the pool (also in sand) by his side. Gaara transmitted his chakra to the sand, allowing him to call them faster and control them with high accuracy.

Whenever sand is needed, he will use the sand around or break the minerals in the ground to create sand. You will need to add more chakra to control the borrowed sand from outside.

Gaara still has the ability to control sand after losing Shukaku. The Fourth Kazekage saw the huge amount of sand that Gaara could control at the same time mistakenly thought it was Shukaku's energy.

Gaara's main fighting style is to stand still at one point and use sand to attack enemies from afar. The moves are usually released according to the same formula: capturing and not moving the target (like with Sa Phau Cuu), then crushing his body (such as using the Sabbath of Sacrifice).

If the opponent can approach close enough to attack him, Gaara's Satan will automatically protect him against all dangers, even if he does not notice.

Sand shields are often mistaken for Shukaku to protect the subject, but this is actually Karura's move, Gaara's mother, her love protects Gaara even after she dies. If even sand shields were punctured, with speed or physical strength, Gaara was still covered by a sand armor.

However, maintaining sand shields for a long time costs a lot of chakra.

Gaara's sand helps him gain "absolute defense" and allows him to fight for years without ever being hurt. By the time of adulthood, the sand shield's defense ability has increased significantly, able to withstand even the attacks that Sasuke's Susanoo cannot do.

Gaara's sand is very 'nice' and can be used for many purposes. It is often used as a defensive tool in the form of sand walls or sand shields. In addition, Gaara can create sword-shaped sand shields or attack with sand with a sword shape.

He also uses sand to fly, detects hidden targets, creates the Sand Man to assist himself or his allies and creates Sa Rings to scout. During the Fourth War, he used the "Royal Funeral on the Large Scale Desert", which had the same effect as the Nunoshibari no Jutsu cloth binding, to prevent the Second Mizukage from reincarnating.
Transform into a Beast
Shukaku is a one-tailed beast, and is also an invaluable resource in combat. But like every other beast, to be able to use it effectively is Gaara's time-consuming and energetic process.

During the first conversation between both Gaara's days, Shukaku threatened to control his body and kill the world when Gaara went to sleep. That made Gaara not sleep all night when he was still the subject of the beast.

Even when waking up, Shukaku's power is always a danger. It caused Gaara to accidentally kill people around and in extreme moments of suffering, freeing Shukaku in Sand Village. The normal time in Part I was still able to control it.

Like other great beasts, Gaara can transform into his great beast. While other subjects only use chakra to transform, Gaara uses sand again: by covering sand on body parts, he transforms himself into a miniature Shukaku (human size).

The more his body changes, the more speed and power will increase. However, the higher the level of transformation, the more Shukaku's xinxing affects him, making Gaara even more thirsty. Going to Part II, he has become more proficient, at least able to create Shukaku's hands without any problems.

At the final transformation stage, Gaara was able to create a safe and real-size Shukaku hidden inside, he could fall asleep to give Shukaku control of his body.

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High Tech Brain: Character biography: Who is Gaara?
Character biography: Who is Gaara?
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