8 Important digital marketing trends for businesses in 2019

We like to consider innovation in marketing. It's interesting to see 'what's hot' and 'what's interesting', but ...

We like to consider innovation in marketing. It's interesting to see 'what's hot' and 'what's interesting', but to keep it realistic and able to act on our will, we are interested in which communication and transformation techniques will bring the greatest trade improvement to the business.

A good example of digital technology and possible digital media is Dominos. I recently heard about the impact of digitization of Dominos from Dave Wild, British CEO at the Technology / E-Commerce Expo. Dominos UK only accepted the first mobile phone orders in 2010 when online revenue accounted for less than 30% of revenue. Eight years later, Dominos has a market share of more than 50% with digital transactions accounting for more than 80% of UK smartphone sales and applications accounting for more than two-thirds of revenue.

In this review of digital innovation, I will look at examples of the latest marketing techniques that leading companies are deploying that are likely to be applied as trends in businesses in next year.

In order to structure my overview, I will consider these new techniques and technologies in these 8 important digital marketing communication techniques that make up the essential toolkit for your digital planning channel. We are in our member area.

I will now consider the different types of marketing trends grouped according to the main techniques in our multicolored sunflower.

1. Digital marketing strategy and planning trends
A major trend in developing the overall digital strategy is the continuous popularity of digital conversion programs. A recent survey of members' webinars in digital conversion shows that one-third of businesses planning to switch over the next 12 months with a quarter have embarked on them. This is similar to what we have seen in our more general surveys.

In digital marketing strategy, continue to be interested in developing integrated digital marketing strategies across multiple channels. The digital conversion program is a response to the challenges of the digital silo in some companies that have failed to integrate digital across the company. Instead, we recommend using a customer-focused approach to test your approach to different people throughout the life cycle shown below.

In today's multichannel marketing world, there are many paid, owned and earned media marketing techniques that we recommend you consider throughout the life cycle of your customers.

From digital marketing to multi-channel to multi-channel marketing
This image highlights the broader marketing trend, which is the broader use of 'multi-channel communication' centered around customers to describe marketing strategies outside the retail and tourism sectors. where originated from multi-channel channels.

If you are wondering 'why omnichannel', Omni, based on Omnis Latin, means 'all, all, all, of all types' emphasizing the importance of finding ways to approach and interact with Customers on the contact points in all channels. It shows a more forensic approach to reaching the target audience, but it should be realized that the budget should be prioritized for the most effective channels.

This quote is from John Bowden, senior vice president of customer care at Time Warner Cable, which explains how omnichannel strategies focus on customers.

"Multi-channel is an active view - how you allow customers to complete transactions in each channel.

Omnichannel, however, is watching the experience through the eyes of customers, spreading the customer's experience across all channels so that it is seamless, integrated and consistent.

Omnichannel predicts that customers can start in a channel and move on to another channel as they move toward a solution. The implementation of complex "operations" between channels must be liquid for customers. Simply put, omni-channel is multi-channel done now! "

2. Marketing strategies and plans
Finally, it is the strategy of business development, marketing and brand that promotes the development of a business, so it is important to have a proper marketing and branding strategy before doing so. Digital tactics. If not, it is likely that your hard work on digital tactics will be wasted if they are directed to the wrong audience and your value proposition is not strong enough.

The main trend here is how digital technologies and media provide opportunities for digital disruption. However, digital marketing is not always used as a disruptive substance. As I discuss in my digital marketing: Strategy, implementation and practice of books, digital marketing is often used to penetrate the market than new products or market development (this is classic Ansoff development strategies). To provide you with a benchmark, this new CMO Survey study from Duke University Business School, Deloitte and the American Marketing Association is based on the views of Marketing Managers (CMOs) in major US organizations. very useful. Interestingly, it translates Ansoff theory into practice, showing how businesses primarily invest, but other strategies are important.

Digital experience
Creating mobile responsive website designs for today's dominant smartphone use is old news. We see future innovation in digital experience in the areas of speed and personalization and conversational user interface based on improved insight. I will illustrate this with a few examples.

Google has long claimed the importance of download speeds and despite the widespread use of RWD, the performance of Google's standards suggests that many businesses are lacking the required speed.

Using technologies such as Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) and Progressive Web Apps (PWA) that we introduced in the web conference last year about the trend has seen many successful examples implemented this year.

The positive impact of deploying these technologies shown in this case study shows how retailers George at ASDA increase website speed and customer interaction with PWA and AMPs lead to increased 31% conversion on mobile devices since upgrading to PWA, website speed is 1.71 times faster and 32% improvement in click rate from mobile device traffic is free of charge. Top 500 AMP queries plus a 15% increase in page views per visit. Asda has 65% of visitors on smartphones.

An interesting example of the ongoing importance of creating interaction and personalization to improve your digital value proposition is Stitch Fix, a US fashion retailer since IPO 2017 has increased its active customer accounts to 2.7 million, an increase of 614,000 and 30% year over a year.

In his profile before going public, the company pointed to a team of more than 75 data scientists, many of them with Ph.D. Katrina Lake CEO explained that improving the experience is central to her growth plans:

“The tools we focus on improve and innovate the customer experience: deeply personalized ways, using data science to attract more customers than they want. The second motive is the new launch; We have launched plus sizes, men and high-end and we are happy to see those things grow. ”

The first step in this process happens right after the customer creates their Stitch Fix account. Customers set up their accounts, via their email or by connecting to Facebook, are led through an extensive questionnaire called Style Quiz, an example of a game user interface. story.

3. Search marketing trends
Because Google dominates the results businesses get from search engine marketing, our summary of search trends here focuses on Google. Carolanne Mangles reported to us back in August about some of the biggest changes Google has made in 2018, many changes will be implemented and developed in 2019. The most obvious change is the The launch of Google's Marketing Platform has seen AdWords renamed Ads and Doubleclick analytics and advertising platforms like Google Analytics, Data Studio and AB testing through a tightly integrated data studio. than.

For paid search, the 2019 update to follow is Google Speed Update, which penalizes slower websites and is released after months of trial. Although this initially only affected the slowest sites, from previous experience, we can expect Google to change the weight on the algorithm to affect many sites that don't improve the speed of them in time.

Another ongoing organic change to follow up in 2019 is the development of Google search excerpts that I track through the feature analysis of Mozcast SERPs:

This shows the importance of the organic features that are integrated into SERPS in which related questions are currently at the highest level of all time with outstanding images and outstanding excerpts. The prominence of these features shows the importance of understanding and answering the questions your audience asks when searching for more conversations developed through smart speakers and activated speakers. voice. The chart also shows the conversion completely close to securing https among Mozcast's top tracking sites in SERPS reviews for 10,000 commonly used keywords.

4. Social media trends
Evaluating the annual media market authorized by the government is one of the best sources for compiling data on Internet use and Social Media.

The latest report, published last month has a good picture summarizing the most recent changes in age-related use of social networks using the main social network from 2016 to 2018:

The image gives a great summary of the changes in the three major customer networks:

- Facebook
Static or decreasing in most age groups except for the older age group (55+) is currently the largest user group

- Instagram
Increased use on all age groups with the largest age group, the age group from 25 to 34, then between 18 and 24

- Snapchat
The biggest increase and the largest user group is the age group from 25 to 34, indicating that Snapchat is not just for teens. Indeed, there is also an increase in users in older age groups that are not far behind younger age groups in acceptable levels. However, the frequency of use is not considered during this translation process.

We can expect that Instagram ad spending continues to increase with increased usage and better advertising options on the platform. This change in advertising spending indicated by Merkle's report on customer investments shows that advertising spending on Facebook increased by 40% over the same period in the second quarter of 2018, advertising spending. on Instagram increased 177% in the same time period.

In Facebook, increased use of Messenger is an opportunity. Latest statistics from Facebook show the importance of Messenger: with 1.3 billion Messenger users per month; 8 billion messages are exchanged between people and businesses every month and 78% of smartphone users use messages every month. As well as targeted sponsored ads, using Messenger for conversations is a major trend. Nike has one of the most advanced commercial chat applications and the well-used implementations I've seen are worth checking out.

What about B2B social media?
LinkedIn and Twitter are not displayed in OfCom compiled data. For B2B marketers, LinkedIn is likely to grow in importance, although Microsoft's acquisition of 2016 made it more difficult to determine the underlying revenue sharing method between advertising and recruiting. how. Recent Q2 2018 transaction report shows the growing importance of the platform with LinkedIn revenue up 37% (up 34% in constant currency) with LinkedIn growth of 41% and users of 562 million users in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

Although Twitter's future is often drawn negatively, it will still be an important factor to attract relevant B2B and B2C audiences. The latest Q2 2018 report shows 11% of daily user growth and 24% YoY revenue growth.

5. Email marketing and auto marketing
In all the channels we mentioned in this article, finding new innovation in email marketing is the biggest challenge. Most email marketing techniques are well established and the most recent trend involves improving relevance and interaction on smartphones. Experience recent email benchmarking of retail and travel brands for a good summary of the state of the art.

Technically, Striata has a summary of Email trends, that's how I see innovation in email marketing - it's all about integrating email with content marketing at the right time in the journey. of customers on multi-channel contact points.

6. Analysis and reporting
We beat drum Actionable Analytics for nearly 10 years because we believe in the power of data-based marketing based on digital analysis and customer research. That's why we are called Smart details!

Systems like Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics are relatively static in terms of reporting and functionality. For me, the main trend here is to use softer measures to get customer feedback. For example, I looked at some really interesting case studies from Vision Critical (Revealing: A Smart Insights content marketing partner) that shows how savvy brands are using the customer community. to nourish.

Another trend here is the application of panel reporting and analysis systems. At Insight, we have used Google Data Studio (since the launch of Beta) for our monthly and weekly transaction reports along with Google Sheets Add-in for Google Analytics APIs, which they I use to retrieve data through our digital RACE marketing dashboard.

Data Studio can create a more detailed image like this CrUX control panel. This kind of analysis is never really possible in Google Analytics.

In the discussion of content testing, we show another example of content interaction (omitted exceptions).

Systems for collecting unstructured feedback from customers are also increasingly popular with larger brands. Case studies from Vision Critical provide an example of how Prudential Singapore accelerates product growth with customer insights. The company launched the PRU community for you (PFY) in July 2016 to allow greater engagement with customers and give them a voice in developing new products and services. PFY has 4,500 members: 88% are customers and 12% are agents.

I like this example, because it is translated into product improvements, not just improved for the experience. In May 2017, PACS launched two products from PFY feedback - PRUman and PRUlady, including specific diseases for men and women. The diagnosed customer can receive a payment of S $ 100,000, ensuring they receive the treatment they need without financial worries. PFY is a tool in structuring these products by identifying customers' benefits in eliminating the "good to have" benefits, leading to more affordable prices for everyone. Community feedback also shows simple health questions that make it easier for customers to buy products.

7. Content marketing
The Institute of Content Marketing does a great job of displaying trends in content marketing through its case studies and studies. This case study presents
How Cisco combines Martech with innovative content, summarizes the content creation process to integrate with activities.

The CMI research section shows similar models in content marketing compared to previous years. Taking the technology content marketing example, this chart shows that the main trends are:

- A more strategic approach to marketing content with many businesses now has a comprehensive content marketing strategy to support audience participation and commercial goals of potential customers and sales.

- Focus on content quality based on a deeper understanding of personas

- New roles and structures to support content marketing activities when increasing investment

- Improve effective measurement of content marketing

8. Vehicles pay and earn
To complete the image of digital channels, we need to consider advertising and PR. We end here, because although digital media is vitally important to creating and building brands, but the lucid trend of cross-industry data is difficult in this area when there is delay in reporting. quarter. The most recent time at the time of writing is this issue from IAB.

The big winners are original ads and video ads that we can expect to continue to be important in 2019 after the video ad has passed its first impressions.

All add to digital conversion
I hope you find examples of the latest inspirational trends. As we have seen, the changes needed to compete by deploying digital media, technology and data mean that many businesses are planning a conversion program or have a change.

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High Tech Brain: 8 Important digital marketing trends for businesses in 2019
8 Important digital marketing trends for businesses in 2019
High Tech Brain
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