What does superstition lose?

What does superstition lose? (PGVN) Buddhism is the path of understanding and wisdom. Buddhist practitioners only believe in the teachings ...

What does superstition lose?(PGVN) Buddhism is the path of understanding and wisdom. Buddhist practitioners only believe in the teachings of the Buddha in the scriptures and through the teachings of some genuine teachers. Do not believe and rely on the priests, teachers, teachers, fortune tellers, and now do follow this teacher, tomorrow to follow other teachers. Faith is not true so even if the refuge of the Buddha will not escape the loss and suffering.Recently on the website (PDP-23/02/2018) published the article "Why people superstitious?" By author Thich Dat Pham Giac on the issue of superstition today. "Our country has about 8000 large and small festivals every year, and cultural festivals often carry heavy losses, which in the long run lead to insecurity for those who believe it. blindly From blindness leads to fanaticism, superstition ... ". To add a positive voice on this topic, let's spend some time discussing some of the issues: Superstition (a matter easy to say but difficult to do) to prevent evils. This is through the experience of his father and also to draw the experience for today's reality.IntroductionsAs we all know, speaking of superstition (a bad meaning), everyone is repulsive and assumes that they do not have it. In fact, superstitious people do not know that they are superstitious. Because they do not have the Dharma to counter this mistake.What is the Dharma?To answer this question in a very lengthy way, let us briefly briefly summarize: The Dharma of Buddhism is something that comes from the Buddha's mouth, and then the things The Bodhisattva, the teacher of the teachings based on the classics in accordance with the law of the Buddha. Dhamma contrary to evil law (ie superstition).So, to identify the Dhamma, let's find out what is dharma, and superstition, superstition. According to the Vietnamese dictionary (Social Science Publishing House, 1969):"The Tao: 1. The path is not right. / 2. Religion other than religion is considered the right tone.Faith: Unbelievable faith, that there are certain things that bring happiness, or cause disaster. For example, according to superstition: Calling is a harbinger of death, believing blindly.And in this dictionary, superstition means superstitious superstition. "According to the dictionary, "Grapes, Buddhas, Dao of Lao Tzu" compiled by Thinh Le (Literature Publishing House 08/2001), said: "Sacrifice in Taoist terms also means delusion. 10 kinds of love (passionate love) such as: love, passion, love, passion, love, love, love, love, love, passion, passion. except "(p. 870).According to this dictionary, devotional: "is just outside formal orthodoxy such as ancient, solitary, and some method. Ancient times for the right (right) is the main religion, the direct is the right, the right is the description, (cults). Le Huu Che said: "Using the wrong way to make political disorder must kill." "Confucius Institute" said: "In the Second Republic, the same spirit gods (spiritual) in the history of the use of magic to fascinate people do everything. Enlightenment is known as the "despatched", enchanted human mind, turbulent mainstream. Therefore, it is also called "the subject" and not the same tone. (p. 1223) on the dictionary.Recognizing the terrible problem of the heresy of penetrating the Dharma, at the moment of the world: "The Buddha was concerned and always prevent the harmful elements of the wrong do not allow Buddhism . But after His passing away, the six evil ones not only invaded the whole of Buddhism but were also more and more active, but its harm did not end up hurting the true nature of it. Buddhism "(Excerpts" Weak Buddha Dharma "- Zen master Duy Luc).
Tran Nhan Tong teaches children against the enemy and governs the country according to the DharmaFrom the time of his stay, King Tran Nhan Tong established good care for the Dharma. Specifically, direct the administration of worship in the country. With national self-esteem, Tran Nhan Tong gradually popularized Nôm scripts in administrative documents and in his literary works as well as his Buddhist writings such as " Assembly is expressed in Nom.Especially about religion, Tran Nhan Tong is the leader in the fight against superstition, healthy social relations in Dai Viet. To him, superstition is the source of the nation's decline. And he said: Much, the big countries they use the belief precede, then the military to take over later.To prove this, we see this content very clearly at the ceremony of the throne. King Tran Nhan Tong taught Tran Anh Tong two things: teach the children to keep water and beliefs. Here is an excerpt from the talk about the belief in the ceremony of the throne in the first part of the book "King Tran Nhan Tong teaches children how to treat water, liberation formula and the truth of the earth" of the composer. Nguyen Nhan (published by Hong Duc Publishing House in 2017). Please quote: "Belief in the people". King Tran Nhan Tong taught:"I only acknowledge the righteous beliefs, and superstition I have to give up.Why?Superstition is the source of the nation's decline. Much of the time, the big ones they used preached before, then the military took over, so they succeeded very easily.Sister told his son clearly:- In this physical world, strange phenomena in space as well as in all things are due to the transformation of physics, not the goddess goddess or ghost, which makes. People who see strange phenomena, they say and embroider more, they have bad intentions.Sister further teaches:- In the three worlds is said on average, is broad speaking is immense in the universe, but narrow language is the place where this planet, species that live according to that species.Example: Human beings do not produce any other species, any species. Therefore, the other realms they also care for their realm, they do not have to go to this world to bless anyone.Superstition, if you do not quit, when foreign invaders take over our country, these superstitious people, they certainly do not agree with children against foreign invaders.Why?As the aforesaid saint, whoever wants to invade another kingdom. First, they bring superstition in advance so that the people they want to occupy are no longer patriotic, but the minds of these people, day and night dreaming about in the sky on the ground. Try to know how to keep your country Vietnam.He further explained to me:In the past, the sultan was not aware of the "Zen Master only" taught by Shakyamuni Buddha, so the king was like other people. But now, the king is already enlightened, he knows all the changes of the material is its natural. Speaking about the spirit, the king also understand and know very well as follows:- Material: There is nothing standing on this earth, and it must flow in a line: the wall, the pillars, the fires, the fires.- Spiritually: You must understand the following, all animal species, including human species. Every species has its own character, so is the human race.

Referring to human nature and the three worlds, Tran Nhan Tong also taught Crown Prince Anh as follows:1. Personality, everyone brings a lot of karma they have created from innumerable past lives.2. Four elements formed a human, must go through the physical form of yin and yang of parents, then the new born.3. When parents are having sex, many "middle-warmers" come and go to the nursery to make that parent's child. But, the middle man who borrows or pays much to his parents is naturally attracted to karma, at which point the human heart is formed, the day of the month in which a human being is born.4. On the spirit that human beings call the mind, is the product of new material acquisition.5. On this earth, or throughout the three worlds, or in the universe, there is no powerful hand to do this. In the year of Quyen (1293), Tran Nhan Tong ceded the throne to his son, Tran Anh Tong, and he became the emperor, in this position for six years, he taught his descendants and ordered his ordination. In October 1299, (41 years old) he left home to Yen Tu to practice. As a monk, he traveled around the village outside the village in the country to teach the poor people and remove the sex of the building from the wrong way.At the big pagodas such as the Pagoda of the Kind, Quynh Lam Pagoda, Thanh Mai Pagoda in present-day provinces such as Bac Ninh, Bac Giang, Hai Duong and Phu Thien School in Nam Dinh, he lectured on business, law, commentary, enlightenment for the people and the Buddhist monks and nuns in the above mentioned pagodas, for the purpose of enlightening the Dharma, eliminating superstition among the people.

According to him, people do not understand the Dhamma when they fall into superstition they will have four losses:1. Loss of self: Because each human has the sense of nature, ie the Buddha nature.Loss of Consciousness: Because the mind is blinded by the evil spirits right.3. Loss of family happiness: Because of superstition that the family disagreement.4. Country loses strength: Because in the country many superstitious, without the Enlightenment Dharma.Because of these things, while still in position as well as when leaving home. Tran Nhan Tong is always interested in and attempt to spread the Dharma to prevent the wrong way to penetrate the house. Had it come from these works that historically judged him to be one of the kings of the people, and a virtuous monk. Speaking to Tran Nhan Tong, the Vietnamese people all know that it is the most heroic and pious king. Referring to him as the Tran Dynasty, it refers to the Zen Master of the Trúc Lâm Yen Tu Zen. His life is a manifestation of the miraculous vitality of Buddhism in every circumstance of social life. He demonstrated by his own life, Buddhism always manifested in every living circumstance. Buddhism is present at the throne, Buddhism is present in the moment of war boiling fire burns, Buddhism on the road to go around the village, to teach the Sutra ...It is because of this compassion that Tran Nhan Tong has attempted to remove the evil god from the superstition, because at that time our country was enslaved by the North. This practice, not only for the immediate purpose of rescuing the people from the ghost of power, but with the compassionate vision of Buddhism, seeks to save them from their falling into a rebirth later. This is the view of King Tran Nhan Tong 's conversion to the strategy of national construction and defense of the nation that nearly 800 years ago still remain true value in life and religion.

Nguyen dynasty with anti-superstition superstitionIn the reign of Emperor Gia Long, with the aggressors and the beasts, the problem of superstition also lag the king's top concern. Faced with the state of the people being martyred by the enchanted witches, immersed in the brilliance of the island, grave tombs as charms, the damage to the people, the king set up the Nguyen Dynasty has fiercely anti-coup direct.As we all know, Lord Nguyen Anh pacified the Tây So, n and emperor Gia Long in 1802. At that time, superstition in the population was almost a national disaster, the Taoist with the horrible art of raging. According to the Taoist, geographer, many ordinary people have the habit of "cleaning tendon," "tendon" by digging the remains of the parents, the chief to contemplate the good and evil. Not only that, because of superstition they also grave tombs to destroy, throw away the corpse, shear head, hurt the corpse, mix the body of the corpse into the place to cause fear in the population ...Law of life (vol. 196) in the "Kham Dinh Dai Nam Chinh diem" clearly refers to the superstition of the people of that time. Not only tomb grapple soul to look good omen, there is the status of ignorant people, kill the internal organs of drug rehab. The law for crimes is written: "As people who have eyes, organs of the living to dissect the drug, if charged, or arrested, then if the action, It is not forgiven. "Or those teachers who abuse the ignorance of the people to make mockery, chisel, and prestige should be strictly punished: "The interpretation of the island, the interpretation is useless. The use of witchcraft, deceiving the listener changes the disturbance in the heart, drawing charms, inscriptions, thanks to magic to live chewing; redeem necktie, take the disease sickness. Even a layman embraces the ball, invents the words of the gods, ... is a man made of paper, made of grass, ... taking the magic to harass him, cheat hundreds of ways, actually a great harm. people".

Determining the teacher's college is a great harm to the people, so that the people of the Gia Long government strictly prohibit witches, as the medium. Under the king's orders, the Ministry set up the crime and punished the offenders.
The law prohibits only the worshipers, spirits and sorcery (the law of sacrifice - about sacrifice, volume 186) details the penalties for the warden, the worshiper, the increase of the liver, violation command to eliminate superstitious people.
These forms of punishment show that the Gia Long period was very strict and determined to eradicate superstitious people. In 1820, after 18 years of reign, Emperor Gia Long died, the succession of his father, Emperor Minh Mang (1791-1841) also steeped in declaring war on superstitious disorder. society. This is the lesson we need to ponder and refer to.

Some realismToday, superstition is still widespread in every form of unconsciousness, if not worse. The fact that the festive season is so widespread, the tight control of this activity also contributes to superstitious outbreaks. The status of applying for cards, fortune tellers, watching stars, watching sandy land, grave good bad is still commonplace quite popular in many places.For example, a simple task is to set up a Buddhist altar or an altar. Because of the lack of knowledge of the Dharma, many misguided teachers, and the inadequate interpretation of the set, enough to make people in the center of worship are also affected many afflictions in this. For example, the altar of the ancestors has too many incense sticks are not necessary. Because the worship of the Vietnamese people largely follow the traditional culture.

What do our parents and grandparents do now, so in worship there are many vices, conflicting cumbersome does not bring real benefits to the living as well as the deceased. When we study Buddhism and practice Buddhism we need to courageously practice the Dharma, and have the right view to eliminate old practices that are not true to the Dharma and are unnecessary. The altar can be arranged, located next to the altar of Buddha, but lower. The image of the deceased person, if there are many large figures, can be reduced and put together on an ancestral altar. All incense stick only need to keep one and regularly clean, clean, do not let freckles and incense falls on the altar (water change, cleaning, cleaning the altar, bowl is incense Merit, not abstinent as folk belief set.
By the way, let's talk about the offerings of flowers, flowers, fruit tea expressing their respect for the Buddha, the Bodhisattva and the family. According to the teaching groups: This dedication is to express the heart of respect and gratitude to the Three Jewels, because thanks to the Three Jewels we have the trust, the knowledge of truth in life. Thanks to the Three Jewels we learn to cultivate, to avoid evil, to cultivate moral virtue to be happy and happy long. We have to be sincere, transparent and so grateful, the sacrifice though little, although many will have the corresponding induction.

When our minds go to the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, sages and ancestors, a recurring thought has spread to the ten precepts. Refers to the incense offering and the meaning of offering incense, in Buddhism the meaning is very deep. This perfume is a manifestation of solemnity, purity and purity. This incense is also the incense of incense, of wisdom and wisdom. These are the three precious elements to dignify the practice of a human being, as well as to attain liberation and enlightenment.Therefore, when we ourselves offer compressed incense on the altar of the Buddha, Bodhisattvas and ancestors, we are expressing our gratitude, respect, inculcation on the scent: the world, the wisdom of the Buddhas, the Bo All of us are well-acquainted with this virtue, so that we may study and do good deeds and benefit for everyone and every species. Incense offering, offerings to the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and ancestors so called the right offerings, wisdom and blessings.

Buddhism is the path of understanding and wisdom. Buddhist practitioners only believe in the teachings of the Buddha in the scriptures and through the teachings of some genuine teachers. Do not believe and rely on the priests, teachers, teachers, fortune tellers, and now do follow this teacher, tomorrow to follow other teachers. Faith is not true so even if the refuge of the Buddha will not escape the loss and suffering.True Buddhists, must be Buddhist who study and practice Dharma. Worshiped with the name of Buddha for refuge and life expectancy of the five precepts, but never studied the Dharma and Buddhist practice, such Buddhists only have the Buddhist name, and they are not Buddhist. Therefore, learning French and Buddhist practice should new Buddhist understanding of the Buddha wisdom and right understanding to distinguish what is the main, where is evil, where is the real monk, where is the monk, what is the tu The evidence is and what is the form of false pretenses.A Buddhist monk who attained Arahatship never claimed that he attained Arahatship, which is the Buddha's dharma, unless he attained the mastery of the other monks. However, according to HT Huan Hoa, (a modern saint) he teaches and is convinced as follows: "Based on where to know it is a saint who attained the fourth rank of Arahant Han? When the nobleman stepped on his feet, his feet touched the ground, his feet usually three inches above the ground, for he would not be able to die of insects or ants. He is not like our ordinary people, often killing insects and ants in the path. He did not step on it and his ants at his feet, which proves that he has attained sainthood!

Not all the sages in the four corpses, even those in the first rank, have the ability to do so, so the new sutra teaches that: "Arahats can be astronauts. The four Arahats want to go where they can go right there, and they all have the ability to meditate unfathomable. "
Taking advantage of the attainment of some of the four results, now some teachers for the sake of redeeming benefits do not fear the consequences of the report has suddenly recognized himself as a teacher, the other that forgot the old saying: People do not understand the teachings do not show, people understand the meaning does not greed, "have fooled the mind fooled people make money by the spiritual path unrighteous. To illustrate this, please borrow the story of Master Thich Hanh Nguyen in an article titled "The Difference Between Buddha, Bodhisattva and the Gods?" (Posted on (PGVN) phatgiao.org.vn 01/05/2015). The content of the story refers to a Buddhist was Master Hanh Nguyen enlightened enlightenment, on the pilgrimage trip to the Buddha land. The story is summarized in the following text:
"Recently, (I) is a teacher Hanh Nguyen is a Buddhist in Quang Ninh, the refuge center (legal name Dong Tin) on the Buddhist pilgrimage trip, teacher said:" From a person never known A vegetarian, who owns a tourist business, is the number one drinker, drinking more alcohol than men, which has caused many men to give up and shake their heads tongue bounce ... She is also a "driver" with a silk steering wheel, but also many times her car collided here, distorted there because of the romance (brother). As for the teachers to look at the "prosperity" in the business do her say that there are over 20 people as worshipers, French teachers specializing in worship. She year-round throughout the month listening to the master, worshiping the ceremony to the other, often burned gold paper to the car.

During the visit to the Buddha's land recently, on the way I (teacher Hanh Nguyen) utilize the maximum time teaching Buddhism to all Buddhists in the delegation. As expected near the end of the pilgrimage, after 10 days, she "stirred" suddenly suddenly enlightened. She said in the car that from now on, she will improve the rules, not drink beer, drink more, develop vegetarian heart every 10 days, every day chanting, reciting the Buddha and bowing 108 Buddha.
Moreover, she deleted the list of 20 names of the priests, teachers in her phone. And she flatly refused to meet the teachers, see the French and do not offer anything they say. So the other teachers, scolded her a lot, there is no way back: "You do not worship, then you look, there is no bowl to eat this year to hear you!" Another master of the French also spit her curse: "You do not worship, you will die dead sea listen to you, let you see if you can live!"
Recently, she talked on the phone with Master Hanh Nguyen: "Teacher, what do you say, early this year all of my old accident has passed, only the first few years that you have How many contracts are signed easily, unexpectedly. It's like someone arranges arrangements for me. " Listen to the teachings of the Buddha, said Hanh Nguyen added: "Buddhism is so! Whenever I follow the Dharma, the superstition removes superstition, the borrower to live with all the Buddha's teachings will be true blessings will grow, the mind will often happily. Certainly if you cultivate more diligently, give up the bad things, the evil and the liberation, the loveliness as before, the blessings will also come to me more. "(This honest little story, Suggested for our friends and people more deeply believe the Three Jewels.

Replace the endingAs mentioned above, the fight against superstition is easy to say, but difficult to thoroughly radical. Because it is like a communicable disease that has existed for thousands of years. Righteous Fa with pagan religions, seem to co-exist objectively.What solution to this problem?This is a problem, its bottom line is related to the level of awareness, wisdom of the people and the social community. According to Buddhist teachings, the starting point of human beings is "ignorance." Ignorance is the result of human, the formation of the universe, human beings also exist. Because "human" ignorance mistakes, so naturally wrong. Cause and effect are wrong that human beings are afflicted and suffering. The purpose of the Dharma is to remove human beings from the wrong path of cause and effect, by the method of spiritual liberation to return to the original nature (Nirvana).

According to the "Precepts of Prejudice" of Buddhism: "Equality of personality" to "Equality of beings" is the core thought of the Buddha's teachings, the value of Buddhism is that all sentient beings are suffering attainment, reach the end Nirvana. Thus, the Buddha used the method of education teaches the willow birth of Buddhism, then use Buddhism to enlighten others; Therefore, to promote equality of beings, "all sentient beings have Buddha-nature, they can become Buddhas." It is a divine truth that never loses its value. Buddhism holds that the universe of all phenomena in the world is conditioned by "the arising of emptiness and the harmony of grace". Kim Cang said: "If the real world is, that is the most common, the most unpopular prime minister," only by ordinary people are still greedy. This argument is also the difference of Buddhism with other religions, in that it denies the Divine Creation (the divine creation of the world). This is the idea of ​​Brahmanism that the universe is universal. created by Brahma. "According to the Buddha's "Legend" (over 2500 years ago), he said: "When the civilized society advances, the ghost of the theocracy is slowly being pushed back and the number of people enlightened - This period is growing. Here the matter of the Dhamma is put on the top in the push for superstition today.

Buddhism is intellectual wisdom, it must be widely popular in the temple, monastery, net ... so that people understand the Dharma of Buddhism. Along with religious organizations that propagate the Dhamma, all levels of government with their own power must strive to eliminate the evils by preventing, detecting and treating superstitious objects. Dummy like bones, fortune telling, scavenging ... brought before the community and the light of the law. This will stop this dangerous problem, help people return to the Dharma to have a real happy life.Brother Nguyen Duc SinhNote:(1) Six wars, only six of the fundamental human religions, according to research by American professor Huston Smith.

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High Tech Brain: What does superstition lose?
What does superstition lose?
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