The Buddha's teachings on the law of cause and effect

The Buddha's teachings on the law of cause and effect Causal effects are varied and complex, the development from the kernel to the f...

The Buddha's teachings on the law of cause and effect
Causal effects are varied and complex, the development from the kernel to the fruit depends on the coast, the cause and effect can immediately respond as we are hungry, just eat something is full and Its results may also occur in the near future. Cause and effect in life is very accurate and clear, sowing the seeds that reap. Due to the right understanding of cause and effect, the Buddha is very careful in every job, words and thoughts of his own. As long as we bear witness to the present, we will easily recognize the immediate result of good or bad deeds.Human thinking and emotions are constantly changing and being influenced by the surrounding events. For example, when we receive good information for our benefit, we immediately have a cheerful, optimistic attitude. On the contrary, if we receive bad news, then we will feel uneasy, sad, upset and may be angry with others.According to the law of cause and effect, success or failure has its root cause. If we want to have good results, we must know how to cultivate the good and the good.In this world with many political institutions and so many religions explain their own causes and effects, most of them are inclined to have a supreme being blessed. However, from the point of view of Buddhism, the law of cause and effect is the basis of all animals, no one can separate the law of cause and effect that exist. So Buddhism, for the "cause and effect", have full view and insight, the Buddha teaches us as the master of how to do good, good to enjoy good blessings, do evil consequences suffering.

In a simple and straightforward way, "cause and effect" is to do good deeds good results, but do evil things evil consequences pain. Every act of evil evil, shall bear the penalty corresponding to that behavior. Besides, based on bad or evil bad behavior that has corresponding results correspondence.
Whoever makes ten evil things, after death, must surely suffer in hell, and create less evil karma, which will be reborn in hungry ghosts and animals to suffer suffering. After all the sufferings of these paths have been fulfilled, they will be reborn as human beings, making them inferior and continue to suffer bad consequences.In order for us to have sufficient faith in cause and effect, we invite you all to hear the profound sermon on sin, by sowing evil karma.The progression from the kernel to the fruit, can be promptly in the present that can also occur in the near or near future. Just looking at the present, we can easily recognize the karmic consequences of evil deeds.

(Buddhist image of Vietnam)
One day, the Exalts resided in Sàvatthi, in the garden of Mr. Anapathindika. There, the Blessed One calls the monks:Monks, there are two types of sin. how is two? Sin has results right now and sin has results in the next life.

What is the sin that results in the present? O bhikkhus, when the king caught the thief, scoundrels, immediately apply more wrong punishment. They were beaten with whips until they were beheaded. Seeing so thinking: Because of bad karma should be punished so.

In thinking, he is afraid of sin in the present.And what are the monks, what are the consequences of the next life? Here are some of the considerations as follows: The dullness of the body of the mouth of the evil mind, after the general body of the body must be born in the realm of evil, the beast, the hell. In thinking, he is afraid of sin in the next life.Therefore, the monks, should learn as follows: We must fear for the consequences of the present and the next. We must see the danger and avoid the sins.(ÐDKVN, Tăng Chi Bộ I, Chapter 2, The Punishment, Part Two, [VNCPHVN, 1996], p.94)

This is the sutra of the Buddha said at the Xa-defend, where the land that Chief-level monopoly buys to do Pure Land, the Buddhist must think and contemplate, all phenomena in the election The vastness of human beings, from all beings to all animals, is governed by causality.Sowing seeds, which are reaping the fruit, such as planted melon, planted beans bean, the same evil work again. Buddha: Whether we go up high mountains or hide into the abyss, it is impossible to avoid karmic results when enough conditions. Since we have deeply believed in the cause and effect of Buddhism, we are always careful and considerate in our thinking, words and actions.Thefts in the present life will be poor results, property misappropriated by others ... and continue to bear bad consequences in the future. Any property or belongings of another person, without their consent, which we ourselves have taken or appropriated, belong to robbery. The desire to take possession of others, to do their own is due to the deep-rooted habit of those who do not believe in cause and effect.However, because of greed, we can find all kinds of ways to deceive others, leading to imprisonment and poverty and misery in the present and future. There are so many people suffering from the loss of, cheated, which leads to suicide.Again, money physical assets are the means to support themselves and their families, so many years of dedication to save now to wear a hat. The loss of property makes the family become deprived, difficult, suspicious of each other, can lead to broken families and others happiness.The reward of this retribution, first of all imprisonment, despised by many, the family dispersed wretched wife and children, then poor after many lives and if there is much money, then It can not be used freely to help people.

We should remember that it is difficult to live forever by living on the suffering of others. Every day there are frauds, frauds in the society that the press often posted is due to excessive lust for human beings. People are too greedy to be easily cheated by others.Causality in modern times is often understood as a law of rewards and punishments: "In good times, in evil," or "in wind". So many people are too afraid of law Therefore, they do not dare to do bad things, because evil sow reap evil in the present and tomorrow. Or vice versa, there are many people who make many blessings to look forward to after the blessing more blessing.The law of cause and effect is from the Buddhist point of view, which sows to reap, but according to our understanding it is not just a normal reward law, but a law necessary for life needs. and human progress.The Buddha said: I was the Buddha, the sentient beings are the Buddha. Everyone has the same ability to become a Buddha, because we have the Buddha in the person, the knowledge of seeing, the knowing when listening ... .. In the Lotus Sutra, the Buddha life for the disciples After this, who will become a Buddhist, where, etc. .. So we see not only the disciples of the Buddha will become a Buddha, but all beings will become Buddhists, because of the equality despite experiencing countless lives. after.

The law of cause and effect follows us as a shadow with bodyOur lives are in every nuance, class: wealthy luxury, impoverished, benign, cruel, intelligent or ignorant, etc. We are present in life. is registered and admitted to college as a training school human.It is the duty of the student to learn to improve his or her knowledge of all aspects. If we are lazy to study, drop out of school, we will become ignorant, only to lose money for our parents without any benefit.The main purpose of learning is to know how to perfect ourselves until the Buddha. First, the most noble lesson to understand is the lesson "live to love." Love yourself and everyone else.But we must love the way, love with compassion and wisdom, so we do not engage in selfishness like the ordinary people in the world. Therefore, we need to learn more lessons "to love human love in life."Know to love, love to have true happiness by understanding and forgiving each other. Understanding here is not the usual kind of knowledge about economics, business, science, technology, politics, etc. There are a lot of good people who have passed the high level of expertise. Finally, I go to work, earn money, feed myself and help my relatives live to survive.Live in life, whether rich or poor, whether good or humble, whether wisdom or wild, good or bad, everyone wants to live happily happy. Everyone wants to be nice but we do not sow the seeds. Or the evil seed that sowed fruit, it is unreasonable.We seek happiness forever without seeing, we see only pain and sorrow. Suffering too we went to the temple, find the bridge to teach. What does the Buddha teach us? First teach the law of cause and effect, so that we know how to do good deeds and avoid the bad and evil people harm, because the sowing of any seeds.I suffer in love with my lover, I do not know that in many previous lives I have destroyed the happiness of the family, so now we have to suffer pain.

Cause of suffering, not by circumstances, not by others, but by the place itself has caused. Because of the materialistic pursuits, sexual desire, we forget the spiritual wisdom, do not believe in cause and effect, do not learn to live in love, with the heart of knowledge.So we have to sink floating in the sea of ​​passionless love has no end, now have the grace to re-learn the cause and effect, we must know love to help each other with the heart of not self, altruisticThere are many parents who love children but do not know how to teach their children, pampering what they want to do to make it more lazy and dependence. Parents take their children to school and then instruct teachers to teach. But nowadays, people only teach degrees, have a job at hand to go to work to earn a living for the family.Cause and effect in Buddhism teaches us to be responsible in every thought, word and deed. If we do not believe in cause and effect, we will live unconscious, irresponsible, selfish greed only to hurt others.When we have a toothache, we can understand the suffering of those who have toothache. There are many people who are very healthy, have never been sick so others see the disease is that this person despised despise.Cause good karma good bad will come sooner or later is dependent on grace, now we have not sick, but later will be sick and then feel the suffering of it that can sympathize with the sick. When we understand this we will love ourselves and others, so that suffering karma is reduced and eliminated. If we do not understand like that, go to pagodas begging beg for, Buddha, Bodhisattva blessing for all sick people who have no deep belief in causality.Man has two parts: body and spirit. Therefore, we have to go back to ourselves and live with the clear mind of the Buddha. All suffering will be eliminated. The development of the kernel to the fruit is not certain, can be instantaneous in the present or occur after a while, when doing evil we can pass the law. But the law of cause and effect will not leave anyone, when the coast is ripe.We only need to observe the present, to know the immediate consequences of evil deeds such as: robbery, deceit, deceit, gambling, narcotics, , smuggling, smuggling, bribes, bribes, etc. to arrest, prosecution, imprisonment until death.

Therefore, the true Buddhist must deeply believe in the cause and effect, always fear with bad consequences, do not do anything to hurt other people, away from sin. He who has enough faith in the cause and effect of faith, will be conscious of not doing evil deeds, because the thief robs the deceiver of the person leading to the present penance in prison and future poor, poor .Let us be afraid of bad consequences in this life to know how to stay away from sinful things, or to do good works for the sake of human life. A good living does not harm anyone, a family perfect moral ethics, society will develop stable in a long and sustainable way, thanks to everyone who believes in karmic cause.Once upon a time, there was one family who was so poor that they had to go to riches in the village. The mother was older because of extreme poverty, so she died almost a year, one night, her dreamed mother told him: "Tomorrow there is heavy rain, behind the kitchen will have a The chickens died of cold, he would give the children, but you should not eat. Mother, when he was stealing two hundred of his wealth, now because of that evil mother has not been escaped and have to chickens to repay. The mother has enough eggs and generates a lot of chickens so in this life pay off the old debt, now we can regenerate the realm.The next day, just as it was in the dream, there was a dead hen behind the kitchen. He gave his son, knowing the child mourned his mother and brought the hen buried. He was surprised, asking why. No more hiding, the son immediately bring the truth told him rich man listening. From that day on, the rich man treated the boy well and regarded him as his family.Stealing here means taming, stalking not to let others see. Piracy means openly, rashly in front of everyone. Low-selling, tax evasion, fraud in many other forms are called theft. Taking advantage of the high power of embezzlement, bribery, bribery and stifling people must give money of all called robbery.The reporters of heavy robbery are poor with countless lives or animals to pay for the light, the garden, the house, the property was flood disaster, fire, tsunami, earthquake destroyed . We should believe deeply in cause and effect for good and enjoy good blessings, do evil suffering pain present and tomorrow. The robbery is evil work, the whole human world is not acceptable should have legal sanctions, imprisonment, heavy death, let alone the law of cause and effect always silently dominant and will result in bad enough when conditions.

Being aware of the miseries caused by robbery, robbery of people in many forms, true Buddhists vow to open the mercy, not harm the material property of others to bring joy live up to everyone. We have to have faith in the cause and effect of the whole, whether a needle, if not ours or other people do not give, then we must not be arbitrarily taken.
In addition to the sinful effects of the present when enough predestined, the countless evil deeds will result in bad results in the future because the sower has sown hundreds of thousands of lives are not lost.
Man when meeting bad results, the new land is blaming the land is blamed ... is not sowing good human right in the present. Many have sinned but have not been discovered by the unfortunate bad karma, they still enjoy the pleasures, as innocent people, even defamation of the law of cause and effect. When the blessings come to bear the fruit of suffering has no end.

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High Tech Brain: The Buddha's teachings on the law of cause and effect
The Buddha's teachings on the law of cause and effect
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